5 Reasons To Put An End To Negative Self Talk

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Your days are filled with repeated, unspoken negative thoughts that run through your head day in and day out. You haven’t been able to free yourself from these controlling thoughts in months.


“Seriously, my bum is getting bigger and bigger”

“When will you ever just commit to something?”

“I just don’t have the time for this”


Self-sabotage sets you up to fail as it reinforces negative behaviours that eat away at your potential for success. You may constantly find yourself falling short of the goals you’ve set for yourself. These failures and disappointments create further feelings of guilt and frustration, which destroy your ability to achieve your weight loss goals. 

We’ll show you 5 ways to defeat self-sabotaging thoughts and put an end to negative self-talk. We’ll show you how thousands of Shrinkers, just like you, have transformed their lives from being overwhelmed, overworked, and overweight, to becoming a healthier, happier, and leaner version of themselves within just 6 months of joining Happy Shrinkers. 



What are some of your goals that you’ve had for a long time but have never accomplished? Such as committing to a diet program and following it through. Saying things like “I had a bad eating day, might as well quit.” Are there particular areas where you’re putting off making a decision? Make the decision to commit to yourself as you deserve the life you want to live and to be happy and healthy.



Self-sabotaging behaviour comes from feelings of anxiety, anger, and worthlessness, why are you your own worst enemy? The aim is to manage your emotions, so that you don’t commit to behaviours that have negative consequences. Look out for the warning signs of anxiety and anger before they get ahead of you. Take care not to ignore strong emotions as there could potentially be something wrong. 



Chances are that the emotion that led to your negative behaviour was caused by irrational thoughts. Negative self-talk can affect stress levels which in turn raise your cortisol levels  which directly influence your weight loss. Please take notice of what you say to yourself, do you filter out the good and focus only on the bad? Remember you need to give yourself credit for the good things you do.

Example: “I ruined my eating plan this week by having too much pizza tonight.” Reality: Did you keep to your eating plan most of the week? If you did, then you’re not giving yourself credit for all the great things you did that week.



As you become aware of the negative emotions, behaviours and thoughts that set you up to fail, you can begin to challenge them. Challenge your negative thinking with positive affirmations. Then, link this new positive self-talk to what you can accomplish and what you want to achieve. Remember you can do anything you set your mind to. Focus on aligning your beliefs, skills and behaviours as you can then create that new you. Keeping a journal of your thoughts is also a lovely way to practise choosing more positive thoughts.



You can start to rebuild yourself, all you need to do is identify and defeat your self-sabotaging behaviours. Consider the following questions:

  •   What positive or encouraging phrase inspires you?
  •   Are there different ways to achieve your goal?
  •   Can you build self-confidence by setting and achieving small goals?

Your answers can help guide you to create an inspirational message that inspires you to move in a positive direction.

For example, “I know that I have over indulged with that pizza tonight, but I know that sometimes these things happen but that will not stop me from derailing as I have goals to achieve. When I accept that, then I can move forward and focus on eating healthy again, which will help release a lot of the stress and anxiety.

Self-sabotage is behaviour that undermines your success despite your own dreams, or values. The constant results in failure lie in those feelings of low self-esteem and negative self talk. You can do it, take those self-sabotage feelings and behaviours by the horn and challenge them when they stand between you and your goals. You can now develop positive, self-supporting behaviours to keep you on the right track.

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