Kelly Loses 40kg With Happy Shrinkers

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Kelly started her Happy Shrinking journey on the 4th Jan 2021 with a dream of losing 40kg’s. Little did she know that in just a few short months, this dream would become a reality. Here we are today, 7 September 2021, celebrating the arrival of Kelly’s goal weight – Whoo Hoo!


Having celebrated the arrival of my very own weight loss goal in the past, I can totally relate to the unexpected mix of emotions experienced when seeing that desired weight show up on the scale. It’s a somewhat surreal feeling. Just like that, the magic number finally appears, bringing months and months of hard work, sweat and tears all into this one moment. You realise the importance of achieving this milestone has very little to do with the number on the scale but rather the incredible transformation you have experienced both inside and out. 


In celebration of her special day, I decided to reflect back on some of Kelly’s posts that she had posted in our Happy Shrinkers support group and the first thing that stood out was how consistent she had been during her 8 month weight loss journey. Always willing to share the meals she had whipped together, a quote of encouragement, a humorous joke here and there as well as constant updates on how she was doing. I cannot help but think that this level of participation and accountability had some contribution to her success. Far too many Shrinkers underestimate the power of staying accountable to both themselves, the coaches and fellow Shrinkers. Many Shrinkers also seem to believe that losing weight is a linear process…Ha! Anything but!  Here is a post that was shared by Kelly just a week after starting her weight loss journey.



The above post proves that weight stalls and fluctuations are NORMAL! In fact, they are apart of the process and can be expected. The only difference between those that continue and push through and those that allow a small bump in the road to get them down is PERSERVERANCE. Kelly did not allow a stall in weight loss get her down, nor did it stop her from staying focused on the end goal. Can you just imagine where Kelly would be today if she did not push on? Probably sitting in feelings of regret and self hatred, as we all do when we do not stick to the things we said we would. I love the saying: “Being fat is hard… Losing weight is hard… Choose your hard”.  

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