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Our Immune Boosting Multivitamin with added Moringa, our new secret ingredient. This fabulous plant is used in a vast variety of herbal medicines because of its antibiotic properties and has so many different benefits. From nourishing your hair, protecting your liver to bone health. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Great additional weight loss aid. This Metabolism super booster can decrease fat formation and improve fat breakdown. The rich mix of vitamins, minerals and fibers helps to stimulate the metabolism whilst also protecting your liver, nourishing your hair, assisting with constipation and can even help elevate your mood. Stabilized blood sugar levels also mean you can kiss cravings goodbye.

    - Increased energy levels
    - Metabolism super booster
    - Reduces stress and anxiety
    - Offers antibiotic properties
    - Improved short-term memory

    Take one capsule daily with water.

    Listed on our FAQ Page.