Medical Disclaimer

The HAPPY MIND & HAPPY SHRINKERS program is not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Weight loss can create dramatic changes in physique and should be professionally monitored. If you have a known medical condition, are being treated for any illness, and/or taking prescription medications, HAPPY SHRINKERS strongly urges that you consult your physician or a qualified GP as our program may not be suitable for you. Weight loss takes time and effort to be successful. This program is not a quick fix and should not be considered as one. We urge you to seek the advice of your physician or consult a qualified GP regarding your specific circumstance before undertaking any weight loss program.

HAPPY SHRINKERS takes no responsibility for any medical complications arising due to improper and unqualified use, of information on this website for any reasons, personal or otherwise. If you have any medical questions about the program you should consult your licensed medical provider before using our herbal products. It is very important that people do not self-diagnose any health condition. Any medication (herbal or otherwise) should be taken under the supervision of a knowledgeable practitioner as some herbal remedies may interfere with medication. If you have an on-going or pre-existing condition you may need blood tests for example to find the cause. Herbal medicine is the therapeutic use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing. Herbs can act on the body as powerfully as synthetic drugs and should be treated with the same care and respect.

Weight Loss Results Disclaimer

All weight loss results shown on this website are typical and not guaranteed results. Individual weight loss results may vary from person to person. Whether environmental or genetic, causes for being obese or overweight vary from person to person, including but not limited to physical exertion, metabolic rate, food intake, and more. HAPPY SHRINKERS neither offers nor extends any guarantee of typical results mentioned on this website.

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