Happy Shrinker

Jade De Villiers

"After 13 years I took my size 12 pants out of the "I'll fit back into you one day cupboard"... And guess what! They bloody fit! From a size 22 pants to a 12 in 6 months. Feel like I’m walking on sunshine. Thank you Happy Shrinkers!"

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Total Body Reset

Happy Shrinkers brings you meaningful and manageable ways to reframe your mindset and achieve healthy weight loss. It’s a unique program that fits into your lifestyle and carries you forward for the rest of your life. Here’s where you stop “dieting”, start losing weight, and believe in yourself in a way you didn’t before.

Holistic Approach To

Rapid Fat Loss

Having worked with thousands of women over the years, we've identified four essential pillars necessary for lasting weight loss. These are mindset (motivation), accountability (support), nutrition (fat loss and maintenance), movement (exercise). Why these pillars? Because each has a massive impact on how we lose weight.



Shrinking Challenge

Get FREE ACCESS into any one of our monthly challenges (valued at R999) where you'll stand a chance to win massive cash prizes and fat loss supplements. These challenges aim to help you adapt to healthier habits and reach your goal weight. The challenge is a fun way to stay accountable with like-minded women.

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Happy Shrinker

Candice Berhardt

"Boy was I wrong about this being a FAD diet! I lost 15kg's in just 2 months. Finally I had found a program that I could enjoy and a new found lifestyle that would help me shape my life and body the way I wanted it to be. Thank you Happy Shrinkers for giving me Myself back!”


Become A Happy Shrinker

Look forward to losing up to10kg's in 30 days while breaking up with unheathy habits that keep you stuck. We've helped thousands of women just like you reach their goal weight. We're in a league of our own, but hey, dont take our word for it. Just ask these Shrinkers...

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Healthy Fat Loss


Our shrinking supplements have been formulated to enhance your weight loss journey by nourishing your body with powerful amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fat metabolisers and natural appetite suppressants. For best results, supplements must be used alongside our Happy Shrinkers Fat Loss Program.

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shrinking community

Join 70 000 Shrinkers

Like they say, you become the company you keep. Join 70 000 like-minded women who are all on a mission to break free from food addiction and self sabotage so that they can become the happy, healthy and lean women she is meant to be.



Marinda Du Toit

"This program is one of the only programs that actaully works! Ihave lost 25kg's using Happy Shrinkers and beleive it's one of the most amazing and most effective programs on the market."

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