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A Unique Approach

This unique 4 pillar fat loss system has been created to fit into your lifestyle and carry you forward for the rest of your life. Here’s where you stop “dieting”, start losing weight, and believe in yourself in a way you didn’t before. This holistic mind/body approach helps you achieve the equilibrium that the body needs, and a positive mindset to stay motivated and moving forward. And because food is only part of it, four pillars means you have four ways to WIN every day!



Happy Mindset

Our powerful mindset program will show you EXACTLY how to create a super bulletproof mindset strategy, the same tools and tricks that have helped thousands of our shrinkers reach and stick to their goal weight. You'll have the willpower and motivation to finally stick to your plan, help you get clear on your body goals and kickstart your motivation for lasting weight loss.

Pillar 2 - Accountability

Happy Journey

Our coaching and community makes this journey far more valuable than any diet book, a few recipes, and a hearty “good luck!” Providing consistent high-touch support, we stand ready to assist you – wherever you are, whatever your pace in your personal journey.

Pillar 3 - Nutrition

Happy Shrinker

Why has Happy Shrinkers been such a lasting success for thousands of women? Because it works, it's that simple! Our 3 phase diet protocol will help you shed those unwanted kilos without leaving you feeling tired, hungry, or deprived. The plan is amazingly simple to follow, inexpensive and one that you will continue to use our guidelines long after you have achieved your fat loss success.

Pillar 4 - Movement

Happy Body

Moderate exercise has its place during the fat loss phase and offers many benefits such as muscle preservation, increased mood and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Our home workout program ensures a slow and maintainable transition from flab to fit which will help you establish a healthy habit of daily movement without the burnout in your already stressful lifestyle.

Why Join Happy Shrinkers?

Lose as much as 10Kgs in as little as 30 days to look and feel like a whole new you as quickly as possible. 

​Get the support, guidance and coaching you need to make your weight loss journey an easy and enjoyable one. 

​Never feel guilty, anxious or worthless about yourself or your habits again! 

Say cheers to your inner critic who's not letting you break through to the bold and beautiful woman you're destined to be. 

Learn exactly what you need to eat to not only lose the extra kilos, but to nourish and feed your body. Start setting an example to those around you. 

Improved blood sugar levels, immune system, lower stress hormones and more!

Get your body functioning like a well-oiled machine, boosting your energy so that you can live a more fulfilled life. 

This is a perfect RESET for yo-yo dieters

Make better food choices and find food freedom.

Enjoy moderate workouts that avoid burnout yet rev up the metabolism.

Bonus add ons

Two Free Gifts

Get super bonus addons to get you FAST RESULTS! When you purchase one of our program bundles, you'll get free access to our upcoming 28-day shrinking challenge (valued at R999) as well as free lifetime access to Happy Chef, our 200+ recipe portal (valued at R1999). This brings the program to a total real world value of R6999! Join today from as little as R449 per 4 Installments.


Free Access | Valued at r999

Shrinking Challenge

Get FREE ACCESS to our upcoming 28 day shrinking challenge. The challenge provides the accountability and support of community to keep you going all the way to your goal weight. Together We'll Learn How To Lose Weight For Life!

HAPPY CHEF | valued at R1999

Recipe Portal

Enjoy over 200+ recipes to ensure you are never left worrying about what to cook next. Gain access to the recipes from your phone, tablet or laptop making meal prepping a breeze. Three different recipe categories (Phase 1 (detox), phase 2 (fat loss), Phase 3 (maintenance). Recipes the whole family will enjoy which ensures you all start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Turn Those Ultimate Body Goals Into A Glorious Reality

Thousands of transformations

Become Another Happy Shrinker

We've helped thousands of women just like you reach and maintain their goal weight. We're in a league of our own, but hey, dont take our word for it. Just ask these Shrinkers...


Happy Shrinkers

Yolande Breytenbach

"They say a diet is like an ex boyfriend, that you should'nt go back - in this case, I am so happy I did! Through following the 28-day Shrinking Challenge, I have managed to lose the last few kilos thanks to the help of the No Crave drops. The challenge is so helpful in keeping you accountable and the support offered is like nothing I have experienced with any other diet"


Estrellita Engelbrecht

"I joined Happy Shrinkers and lost a whopping 10kg's in just 6 weeks of following the program. I have now lost a total of 16kg's and happily keeping the weight off. The mindset program radically shifted how I approached this weight loss journey and I can tell you with certaity that I am now free! I recommend anyone looking to lose weight to try Happy Shrinkers, you wont regret it!"

happy Shrinker

Charmaine Witt

"Three months and I have lost 22kg's! I went from 90kg and now sitting at 68kg!!! I couldn't tie my shoes or paint my toenails just a few weeks ago... and now I easily walk 5km and can even do a slight jog. I feel like a brand-new person"

YOUR thirty day

Money Back Guarantee

You don’t have to wait Months (or heck, even weeks) to see results. If you do not see any results from following the program, simply show us proof that you’ve done the work, and if it isn't working… reach out within thirty sleeps of purchase, and we’ll buy it back from you. Why would we do this? Because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that doesn’t work! And we’re so convinced of how effective this is, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. That’s how much we believe in this program.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re here reading this, you’re likely considering taking this journey. You know you want to take some steps to change your relationship with food. It can be daunting—scary, even—to make changes. Often it feels like no time will ever be “the perfect time,” so why not make now the right time for you. You can get started today with no risk because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You really don’t have anything to lose…except, perhaps, some excess weight and the emotional baggage that comes along with it.

Every person will experience weight loss differently. Some have reported losses of 5kg's in their first week and an average of 8 kg's in one month. Individual results will vary from person to person.

The HAPPY SHRINKER protocol is amazingly simple to follow, inexpensive and one that you will continue to use our guidelines long after you have achieved your fat loss success. We have removed the stress of counting calories and provide a comprehensive list of shrinking foods where you are allowed to enjoy an abundance of fresh, clean produce that will nourish your body, burn fat, and promote good gut health. Look forward to losing as much as 2kg’s per week on our Shrinking eating plan.

The plan consists of 3 phases:

- Phase One: 3 Day Detox

- Phase Two: Shrinking phase, until you have reached your goal weight.

- Phase Three: Maintenance

Enjoy tasty, quick, and easy meals that are made up of just a few of the following foods:

PROTEIN:  Chicken, Lean Beef, White Fish, Seafood, Eggs, Yoghurt

PLANT PROTEIN: Black Beans, Chickpea, Red Lentil Pasta, Vegan Yoghurt

STARCH: Rice Cakes, Crisp Rye Bread, Provita.

VEGETABLES: Asparagus, Green Beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Carrots, Sweet Potato

FRUIT:  Oranges, Strawberries, Blueberries, Apples. PawPaw, Peach, Dates

FATS: Olive Oil, Nut Butters, Nuts, Mayonnaise, Seeds, Cheese, Feta, Avocado

Our extensive food list includes over 120+ food choices which is included in your HAPPY SHRINKER Program.

Vegan and vegetarians can follow the protocol as we do provide an allowed list of plant-based proteins. The list however is limited, and some may find this too restrictive and or might get bored with the protein options as our meal plans are based on a meat inclusive diet. If you are unsure, please reach out and we can share more on this.

PREGNANT: If you are pregnant DO NOT start the Happy Shrinkers Program. If you become pregnant during the protocol, stop the program as well as taking the Happy Shrinkers supplements and consult your GP.

BREASTFEEDING: Breastfeeding Mums should only consider starting their Happy Shrinking Journey 6 weeks after birth. A sudden change in diet can put more strain on your already overworked hormones. Allow your mind and body to heal and recover before committing to your weight loss journey. If you are past the 6-week mark and still breastfeeding, you can consult with your GP to get the go ahead to start our program and to our fat loss supplements.

- Crush cravings & excuses
- Eliminate limiting beliefs
- Overcoming self-sabotage
- Understand what’s behind emotional eating
- Feel more confidence
- Realign your priorities
- Perfect RESET for yo-yo dieters

- 1 Month FREE Access to monthly challenges
- Massive cash prizes up for grabs
- Direct communication with a Shrinking coach
- Get the one-on-one support you need
- Join community of over 70 000 Shrinkers
- Increase chances of success with support
- Celebrate "non-scale" victories with others.

- Lose up to 2kg's per week
- Hand portion system
- No calorie counting - Yay!
- Overcome plateaus
- Healthy list of foods
- Improved blood sugar levels
- Improved immune system
- Control sugar cravings
- Lowers stress hormones
- Improve mood & energy
- Control emotional eating
- Increase sex drive

- Reverse dieting technique
- No calorie counting
- Create habits that stick
- Put an end to yo-yo dieting
- No more food guilt
- Find forever food freedom
- Feel in control around food
- Sustainable maintenance
- Make better food choices
- Enjoy your favourite foods
- Stratergies for weight fluctuations

- Homebased workouts
- No equipment needed
- Designed for fat loss
- 30-day walking challenge with schedule
- Challenge tracker sheet
- Week 5-8 workouts
- Week 9-12 workouts
- 15 - 25min circuit routine: Lower | Upper | Core

Yes, we offer 3 different program bundle options to suit your budget needs.

Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Cyanocobalamin, Chromium Picolinate, Chromium

L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, Beta-Alanine, GABA, L-Ornithine, L-Tryptophan

Guarana Extract 22%, Panax Ginseng 5:1, Grapeseed extract 95%, Green Tea Extract 90%, Atragalus Membranaceus. [Astragalus Root Powder], Coleus Forskohili Root Extract 20%, Green Coffee Bean Extract 45%, Narringin 97%, Maca Root Powder, Glycyrrhiza [Liquorice Root Powder], Capsicum Annuum L. [Capsicum Powder]

Purified Water, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Flavour, Potassium, Sorbate, Sodium Benzote.


Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin), Chromium Picolinate 12.4%

L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine

Coffee Arabica [Green Coffee Bean Extract 45%], Garcinia Gummi-Gutta [Garcinia Cambogia 22%], Euterpe Oleracea. [Acai Berry Extract 4:1]

Purified Water, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Flavour, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzote.


No - we have set this program up to be simple and easy to follow while requiring as little of your time as possible to complete. Instead of delivering the program through hours of video content which most people never get through, we have created PDF guides that can be quickly downloaded and printed. Having printed PDF guides will also give you the opportunity to easily reflect back to information you are looking for when needed. We also prefer to offer our support and education in real time, so you can always pop us a WhatsApp instead of filtering through hours of videos to find what you need.

You are given lifetime access to the Happy Shrinker Online Program and Online Community.

Here is what Happy Shrinkers isn’t: it isn’t a program where we promise and guarantee you will lose weight without putting in the effort and dedication, although we are confident in our products, programs and approach, we understand that there is no magic lotion, potion or pill that will magically lose the weight for you and that in order for you to succeed, you will need to willingly partake and commit to this journey. We are going to teach you how to feel empowered in taking the steps needed to change your lifestyle for good. You don’t need to worry that we are going to take your money and run, we are invested coaches who are set on making sure you a success (because when you are a success, so are we!) This program is about living life beyond just another ‘diet’ and in finding your groove so that you can finally lose weight while breaking up with unhealthy habits and keeping the weight off for good.

Once you have reached your goal weight, you will then move over to Phase 3, the Happy Lifestyle nutrition guide which is provided in the program. Here you will learn everything you need to about how to maintain your goal weight to ensure you keep the weights off for good.

Join from as little as

4 Instalments of R449

We know what it's like to feel hopeless and lost having tried every diet, magic lotion, potion, and pill on the market. We want to make this program accessable to everyone looking to shed those unwanted kilos and take back control of their bodies. Choose to pay from just R449 today with our 4 x instalment payment plan or pay in full.


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